Catching Stars WIP

27th December, 2012
Started this a little while ago (when I created this) There are several things that are subject to change, but it's at least playable for now. I'm hoping to have prizes when you get x amount of points, but I still have to code that yet.
Use 'a' to move left and 'd' to move right. Click the picture below to open the game.

Made using the GameQuery JS game engine X3 Sorry, no sound, because it's kinda laggy - it's BYO music <w<

Oh, I thought I should also mention, that I've changed the giftbox drop rate a little. They now have the chance of appearing at any time of the year, but they won't be as common as in December.

Winter's Warmth Process

26th December, 2012
Thought I'd post this, seeing as I took some screenshots I didn't have a lot of time to do this, so it's not very clean in some areas.

Mini Explanation
  • Thumb sketch - I wanted steps leading to a door, with a girl who had just found a stray kitten and wrapped him in her scarf.
  • Lines - I don't actually line a lot of my stuff now, I just paint over top. But I drew over this one. I then threw a beige colour in the background and painted in purple over it to get the overall shadows.
  • Greyscale - changed it to greyscale, made the wall darker, so the girl would stand out better and would contrast with the snow.
  • Colour 1 - Started adding colour back in using the colour, overlay, multiply and soft light layer modes.
  • Colour 2 - More colours using layer modes.
  • Colour 3 - Yet more colours - some were simply blocked in without colour modes (like the stockings) using my tablet pressure sensitivity for opacity.
  • Painting - The next two steps are just painting. Eyedropping or picking colours and rendering as I go.
  • Effect - Adjusted the colours with colour balance and added some overlay colours. Also added the little white vines.
  • Snow - Very lazy snow I adjusted a default brush and set it to scatter. Used a few different sizes and opacities.
  • Oops - Fixed the face a bit Still not that happy with it, but I just don't have time @_@
  • Final - Copied the image and pasted into a new file, resized it and added my watermark

Plushie Maker Update

23rd December, 2012
Made a few cosmetic changes to the plushie maker - the palette changer is now made of little stars! I've also changed the menu to show as icons and shifted some of the items around, so the page won't stretch as much (ears/tails are now under separate tabs).

As you can see from the plushie above, the alternate wing colours are working now too. I forgot to switch the layer extras on when I added them before <w<;;

And lastly I modified the randomiser a little, because the extras weren't randomising properly D: The frequency of them has increased as well.

Ethereal Artbook Preview

20th December, 2012
Finished up the picture I was working on for the Ethereal Artbook project on Deviantart. You can see the preview below~

Spent time on and off for the better part of this week. It's the first full background I've drawn in a while and has two characters in it. I loooove drawing greenery

Yesterday I added a page to the pixel art menu, that shows all of the plushies that have been made It updates automatically, whenever someone makes a new one.

I'm going to have to figure out where to put that page permanently (yes, it may move), because I want to finish a mini game I've been working on, which you'll be able to win plushies from.

Plushie Maker Watermark

19th December, 2012
It saddens me that I have to post this, but there's always one person that spoils it for everyone.

Over the last few days, my sister found someone claiming them as their own and selling plushies made on her maker. So we added a signature to hers and she has taken it down for now. I've added a watermark to mine too. I'll see what I can do to make it blend in better, but for now, it's pretty obvious ;

Last night I added a few more items - namely a medical patch, pirate eyepatch, <3 <3 eyes and n_n eyes~
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