Plushie Maker Update

17th December, 2012
Updated the pixel gallery with two new pieces. And the plushie maker has had a few items added over the last week

I've added a tail for the clever person that managed to create one of my favourite game characters with it

If anyone has any item requests, I may be able to do them in between other projects Hopefully I can actually build a gallery that will showcase some of them, so that everyone else can see too.

Fiery Aristocrat WIP

11th December, 2012
Took some screenshots - I like taking these even just for my use Sometimes I try different things, so it's nice to have shots of the progress. I originally didn't like the sketch, or the first couple of steps But I decided to force myself to finish it. Click below for a larger version.

Some people start with a greyscale painting and then colour it, but I usually like working in colour early, because I like colour? >>

Wishing for Rain Progress

7th December, 2012
I posted this on my DeviantArt a while ago, but forgot to post it here These are the steps for my Wishing for Rain piece.

I also fixed a bug in the plushie maker - it wasn't switching base types properly (fluffy vs clipped), but it should be now

Here's a few more plushies I need to make the colour of the feet changeable >>

New OC Poses

5th December, 2012
Added about 20 new poses to the Obviously Chibi base. I've also separated some faces out, so it should be easier to swap them around.

I think there are about 50 poses in total now Feel free to mix and match arms/legs/faces to make new poses or bigger/smaller groups.

Aand above are a few more plushies that have been made I might keep posting some every so often, or at least while the random encounter is active (for the month of December).

Plushie Maker

1st December, 2012
Finally able to release my plushie maker It's been a WIP for much of the year - I was hoping to have a game to win them through, but time has been against me. Anyway, you can randomly encounter a giftbox on the left side of the page, which will grant you a custom plushie.

I actually rewrote the script not very long ago, so it now has alpha-transparency (meaning the lenses on glasses can be see-through). It also works with masking, so I can make things blend into others better.

There's more props to come, so don't be surprised if new ones pop up.
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