Chibi Alice

14th September, 2012
Finished a new doll on the OC base - chibi Alice in a tea cup, as well as the walkthrough for it, which is kind of long

Click on the right for a compilation of the steps

New Base WIP

6th September, 2012
Been busy over the last few weeks helping Amy to finish her website off, rewriting the maker script to have more functionality and such It's been up for a week or so now, so you can have a look here.

Anyway, a new base set is in the works. I've drawn 5 poses, plus a male version. It's more of a sprite styled base, which I've been enjoying lately

Sorry for the watermark, but I'd prefer it if it wasn't used just yet, because I want to refine it a little more before release The progression of this base is pretty funny, because it went through a few different styles. Hopefully it won't be too hard to adapt though ^_^

Rainbow Hair

7th August, 2012
I was working on a quick doll, based on a GaiaOnline avatar and made copies of it as I was drawing. The rainbow hair was made using the technique shown in my pattern tutorial, so the colours were easy to add.

In the first step, you might notice that I have a few shades of blue in it - I did it so I could separate the clumps of hair easily when shading (darker = further back).

Base is by my sister Binoftrash

In the Clouds

27th July, 2012
A personal piece - it's not particularly refined, because I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it. It's just something I had to draw for myself Took about 3 hours in Photoshop.

You can also see the working progress for this piece below~

Obviously Chibi Base

25th July, 2012
Finally finished the OC base! It has 31 poses in total, with a few couple poses. Hopefully they should make some interesting group scenes too!

I've left them with minimal shading so that they can be adapted to other styles of pixelling easier. They've changed a little from the original post I made a while ago, but there were only minor adjustments. The thing that took me the most time, was getting around to shading them!
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