Site Up!

28th February, 2010
Finally, after several months, my new site is up! I actually had it basically done a few months ago, but I revamped the system to make it better >>

There's several new tutorials under the pixel art section and a few new other pieces lying around. At least when I make stuff now, it'll be easier to update my site

Anyway, what a week it's been! Last Thursday, my father in law moved here, on Tuesday my brother in law told us he was engaged (^_^) and my dear hubby and I found out we're having a baby~ Not sure how many weeks yet, but I'll keep you posted.

There are several other bits of family drama / news in the wind too, but it's still unfolding

I might get off here now, I've been sitting here for several hours waiting for my files to finally upload (internet kept dying D: ) and then doing some final checking.

WIP and Melbourne Icehouse

13th February, 2010
Yay! At this point, my site is very nearly done, the last thing to do is one of the most important - the home page << Been a good learning curve in terms of coding for me, having learned a lot more about PHP

Anyway, went to Melbourne's newly opened Icehouse today. Being newly opened and going at a peak time, it was packed But it's great to see such a wonderful ice skating facility here now I missed being able to go skating where I used to live, so it's fantastic I can pick it up again~ I think I'm going to try the morning sessions though, my poor ears can't take loud I'm hoping it won't be as crowded.
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