15th April, 2012
I essentially had this base set finished in January (I used it here, here, here and here, with Jan 6th being the earliest date) But, it wasn't shaded, because I found it easier to shade it when I made a doll on it.

However I figured I should probably shade it so it'll be easier for others to use. And if you're like me and want to take it back to the outline, hopefully it shouldn't be too hard, I've tried to keep the shading basic X3

These are the first 11 poses, of 30 drawn. I'm going to call this the "OC" base, which stands for Obviously Chibi This is a WIP, so it might change before final release. And as always, please be sure to check my base rules before using a base

Images Working

12th March, 2010
Sorry if the images weren't working when you guys checked last night ; I was updating my database last night and also changed some permissions...making all the images appear to disappear

Anyway, it should be all working again ^_^

May as well post a preview here - been working on a redesign of the Precious base, because it's so...old x_X This isn't finished yet, but it's close~

The body has been completely changed The head has been adjusted too, but I've tried to keep the face similar to the old one. Now to finish shading the leg
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