I've had a lot of questions asking how I draw my pixel art, so I've tried to explain my work process here ^_^

Drawing Bases
20th April, 2012

Drawing both a chibi base and larger anime-styled base.

Beginning Pixel Art
4th March, 2008

The very basics of pixelling to get you started making your own pixel art.

How to use Microsoft Paint
3rd March, 2008

Using Microsoft Paint to create your pixel art and pixel dolls.

Basic Pixel Doll Tutorial
5th March, 2008

Step by step examples showing how to sketch and shade a pixel doll.

Shading & Lighting
8th April, 2010

Using basic shapes to illustrate shadow and light placement.

Adding a Pattern
21st January, 2012

Adding patterns when making a pixel doll.

Animation Tutorial with GIMP
27th January, 2010

Introducing animation using GIMP by making a pixel doll blink.

Making a Deviantart Icon
28th January, 2010

Creating a 50x50 icon for use in places such as DeviantArt.com

Palettes and Theme Generator
12th February, 2010

Various colour palettes for pixel art, as well as a random theme generator.

Palettes and Theme Generator

12th February, 2010
I had some old palettes available back in 2005, but I've made new ones to reflect the colours I tend to use nowadays. For those having trouble thinking of a theme to draw or pixel, I hope the random theme generator helps out a little.

Here are the palettes. There are eight shades for each colour. Most people don't use this many shades on a single item, but it allows you to have lighter or darker colours within the one palette.

Try experimenting by using combinations of these palettes, such as using purple to shade pink etc.
Theme Generator
Alrighty, below are the generated themes. They are randomly picked from a list, so some may not make much sense, but it can make for some interesting ideas There's also some randomly picked palettes if you're stuck for colour ideas.

Regenerate Themes/Colours
Loading Generator